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It’s top-notch technology that really sets RISUS Orthodontics apart from the rest of the pack. The experienced team uses the iTERO Element® Scanner to perform a variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures at their locations in Glenview, and Northbrook, Illinois. With the iTero Element, patients reap the benefits of increased precision, shorter appointments, and better results. To schedule your next visit, call the office, or book an appointment online.

iTERO Element Scanner Q & A

What is the iTERO Element scanner?

The iTERO ELement scanner is a cutting-edge machine used in modern dentistry to provide detailed digital scans of your teeth and other oral structures. It’s incredibly useful and one of the most advanced imaging systems on the market today. 

RISUS Orthodontics uses the iTERO Element scanner to improve efficiency and provide the most accurate precision possible when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Patients at the office’s Glenview, and Northbrook, Illinois locations know they’re receiving world-class care because the practice invests in high-quality dental care by offering the most innovative technology in the field. 

How do you use the iTERO Element scanner? 

The team at RISUS Orthodontics uses the iTERO Element scanner for a multitude of reasons, including: 

  • Planning and executing Invisalign® treatment
  • Developing scans used to make Invisalign aligners
  • Performing orthodontic evaluations
  • Offering early intervention assessments
  • Checking oral health during routine visits

With the images produced by the iTERO scanner, the team at RISUS Orthodontics can help you settle on which type of orthodontic treatment is most appropriate for you and your specific circumstances. Furthermore, the technology can even predict tooth movement and show you what your smile will look like once you’re done with orthodontic treatment. 

What are the benefits of using the iTero Element scanner? 

Since digital scans can take the place of impressions, the iTERO ELement scanner makes orthodontic treatment easier than ever before. The process of receiving digital scans with the scanner is far simpler. Say goodbye to biting into putty to create impressions. 

The iTero Element scanner makes orthodontic and routine oral health care treatment simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient for you. It improves efficiency, makes appointments shorter, and leads to more precise treatment outcomes. 

Is the iTERO scanner safe?  

Yes, getting digital scans of your teeth with the iTERO Element scanner is perfectly safe. The machine system is used by dental offices all across the country, and there are no reported side effects among patients nationwide. 

A noteworthy aspect of the iTERO Element scanner is its limited issuing of radiation, particularly when compared with traditional X-ray methods. That means you’re kept safer and aren’t at risk of any radiation-caused harm at the office when undergoing digital scans. 

To learn more about RISUS Orthodontics and their use of the iTERO Element scanner, call the office, or schedule your next appointment with the online book tool today.